Workout Wednesday

As I am traveling this week, I thought we would explore some different hotel room workouts for this week’s workout Wednesday.

Option 1, courtesy of Shape Magazine: “The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout”


  1. Split Squat to Cross Crunch
  2. Narrow Squat to Scaption raise
  3. Cardio Burst: Single-Leg Run
  4. Dolphin Plank
  5. Dip and Leg Lift
  6. Cardio Burst: Pushup and Run
  7. Y-T-I Raise
  8. Side Plank Crunch
  9. Cardio Burst: Kneeling Swim
  10. Plie Pulse Extensions

It’s easy to let travel derail your workout routine. You don’t have your go-to gear, your hotel doesn’t have a gym, and hey, you’re on vacation—you’ll get back on track when it’s over, right? Exercise can be part of your vacation. And it won’t ruin the fun. In fact, it might make your trip even more enjoyable. Feeling guilty, regretful, or low energy are what really can put a damper on fun.

Fitness expert Jessica Smith designed this total-body workout exclusively for SHAPE readers to help you stay trim, toned, and energized with minimal space and no equipment. Perform 1 set of the prescribed number of reps for each exercise without resting in between moves. Once you’ve completed the last exercise, rest 1-2 minutes and repeat the entire circuit 1 or 2 more times.

Option 2: Courtesy of Men’s Health Magazine: “The No-Gym-Needed Hotel Workout”


  1. Suitcase Bear Hug to Headlock Squat
  2. Suitcase Juggle
  3. Suitcase Side-to-Side Overhead Press
  4. Suitcase Rolling Lunge
  5. Suitcase Mountain Climber

As an excuse to miss a workout, “no equipment” is lame, even if you’re on the road—and even if you don’t have access to a hotel gym. After all, most guys already travel with the perfect muscle builder stowed neatly in the trunk or overhead bin. “A suitcase is all you need to add weight to any exercise,” says BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., creator of HeartRateHotel.com and Speed Shred fromMen’s Health DeltaFIT. “It can be as heavy as you want, and its contents shift as you exercise, forcing your muscles to work harder to maintain balance.” And the harder they work, the more they’ll grow and the more fat you’ll burn. 

Follow Gaddour’s lead to transform any carry-on into a workout tool—and turn any hotel room into your very own personal fitness center.

Load a suitcase with enough clothes or other items to make these moves challenging. Perform the exercises as a circuit, doing each for 45 seconds and moving from one to the next with 15 seconds of rest. Complete them all and repeat the circuit. Do up to 6 circuits total.

Option 3: Courtesy of YouTube: “Hotel Room Workout”


And Option 3: Courtesy of Real Simple Magazine: “On-the-Go-Workout”


  1. Warm Up (Arm and Neck Circles) 1 Minute
  2. Jumping Jacks 3 Minutes
  3. Wall Mountain Climber 3 Minutes
  4. Push-up With Side Plank 2 Minutes
  5. Lunge With Biceps Curl 2 Minutes
  6. Backward Lunge With Shoulder Raise 2 Minutes
  7. Glute Stretch 1 Minute
  8. Triceps Stretch 1 Minute

To do this full-body routine, designed by Tara Zimliki, a trainer in Branchburg, New Jersey, you need only a watch and two small water bottles. Complete as many reps of each exercise as you can in the specified time.

With all of these to choose from, I’m sure I’ll find one that works for me.  Which one looks best to you?  Post your comment below:  🙂