Tough Mudder Part 5

We made it to the final chapter.  After Walk the Plank and The Underwater Tunnels, we pressed on.  Not going very far before encountering our next obstacle, the dreaded Boa Constrictor.



This was one of my least favorite obstacles for a few reasons.  I’m not particularly claustrophobic, and they offered tunnels towards the outside that were more elevated so you didn’t have to completely submerge if that is an issue for you, so that wasn’t the problem. The real problem with the Boa Constrictor is the gaugey scrapey factor.  The height of the tunnel prevented even a fairly petite person like me from comfortably crawling on my hands and knees, and even if I could have, that would probably have intensified the gaugey scrapey factor even more.  

So I ended up doing sort of a modified army crawl, and think I still have scars to this day from the sharp rocks that lined the tunnels. 

After the Boa Constrictor we had a fairly uneventful few miles where we ran into a second set of Berlin Walls, and another relatively easy obstacle called King of the Mountain:

And then, finally, when I had totally and completely given up hope, we started going downhill.


As glad as I was to be to be heading in the right directly, the downhill part was no walk in the park.  I think I saw more people get injured on the simple (albeit crazy steep) downhill than any other part of the event.  At the bottom we hit the final 3 obstacles:

A giant cargo net (think it may have been called the spider web or something like that, but I really don’t remember)


The one of my personal favorites: Twinkle Toes

This was one of the few obstacles I felt really good about.  I managed to complete it totally on my own balance skills alone.  And you may think this looks easy, but it is not like your average balance beam.  The boards sway quite alarmingly, and even as a person with pretty good balance, it took every ounce of effort to stay on the whole way across.  Here you can see the priceless reaction of one of my less fortunate teammates.  



And last but not least, everyone’s favorite: ElectroShock Therapy

I was a little disappointed in this one.  By the time we got around to it, many of the cables had been pulled down and it was pretty easy to navigate through without hitting one.  I actually wanted to get shocked (well, kind of anyway, lol) so I didn’t try to miss them, but I still managed to make it through without getting shocked.  

At this point, I was just very very glad to be finished. 




Well there you have it folks.  I know I left a lot out, believe it or not, even 5 parts was just enough to scratch the surface, so if you want to learn more, please post your comments below!  🙂





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