Tough Mudder Part 4

So we kept climbing, and climbing and climbing uphill.  And then, just when I thought we couldn’t possibly have any more to climb, guess what?  You guessed it, we climbed some more.  

Along the way we encountered some more fun obstacles, like Hold your wood:


Photo Credit


Photo Credit


This was actually a lot of fun, and it was especially cool to see groups carrying a big log together, like in the picture above or even more remarkably, a single person (and I saw both men and women doing this) carrying one of the huge logs solo.  It was totally crazy, but also really inspiring.  This was also when it started to get pretty hot on the course.  

Then we hit the Berlin Walls:

Hard to believe considering this was late September, but it was a nice sunny day, and with all of that hard work climbing to the summit, then carrying logs and then climbing the 12′ walls it was actually heating up a bit.  

So I was pretty excited to see the next obstacle come into view…


That’s right, Walk The Plank


This was an interesting obstacle.  As someone that is afraid of heights, I used my typical just jump fast, don’t think about it, and don’t look down approach that had served me well in the past.  This was both good and bad.  I managed to make the jump, but then I because I was not looking down, I was not prepared when I hit the water and it was FREAKING FREEZING!!!!  And I mean freezing.  

My body went into that shock response where its really hard to focus on anything, like how to swim, how to breath, you know, all of those things that are kind of important when you find yourself in the middle of a freezing cold body of water with no life jacket.  

Fortunately for me, this kind of thing had happened to me once before when I was whitewater rafting, fell out of the boat and almost died of hypothermia.  Although the guide had told me that if I fell out I should just point my feet downstream and float until I caught up to the boat, it didn’t work.  The boat was getting farther and farther away, and I was getting colder and colder.  So I ended up doggy paddling my way back to the boat because that was the only stroke I could remember with my impaired motor-skills. 

So off I went, heading for part two of this obstacle, the Underwater Tunnels.


This part was a little tricky, again I chose the don’t over-think it, just go approach, which was probably good because it seemed like a lot of people got stuck hanging onto the pontoons.  And I couldn’t really blame them, after ducking under the first one, it was very tempting to just give up and swim for shore asap.  But I gritted my teeth and made it through, and once ashore, we were treated to a water station with apples and bananas.  We felt AMAZING.  The cold water had acted like an ice bath for our poor fatigued muscles, and the water and fruit helped to give us that much needed second wind.  Which we would definitely need, considering there were still something like 4-5 miles to go.

To be continued yet again, but probably for the last time (at least I hope!)


Please comment with your own Tough Mudder stories or questions.  🙂

And after that…


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