Workout Wednesday

Here we go again kids. This week’s circuit focused on arms and core, and here’s the awesome video:

Once again if for some reason you decide you want to miss out on the fun and excitement of watching the video, the workout is outlined below.

This week started off with one of my least favorite exercises, pull ups.  If you have been following my blog, you know that I suck at Push Ups (among many other things) and sadly enough even the assisted type are still a struggle for me.  We did two sets of 10.

Assisted Pull-Ups

Then came the Shoulder Press: (2 sets, 15 reps, 12.5 lbs)

Shoulder Press

Then Burpees with Bosu and Knee Twists: (2 sets, 14 reps)

Burpee with Knee Twist

Next crunch with scissor kick: (2 sets, 30 reps)

Scissor Kick Crunches

Then Bicep Curls: (2 sets, 1 minute alternating side/side then both)

Bicep Curls

Then Triceps Extensions: (2 sets, 14 reps, 30lbs)

Tricep Extension

And finally Medicine Ball Plank with alternating leg raise: (2 sets, 1 minute)

Medecine Ball Plank with Leg Raise

This was another killer workout, although not quite as bad as last week I think.  Do you agree?  Post a comment below.  🙂



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