Tough Mudder Part 3

Let’s see. now where were we?  Oh yes, just summited Everest and arrived at High Camp.  Leading up to the race the TM website had claimed that this particular TM would be approximately 10 miles in length, and would incorporate approximately 2000 feet of elevation gain.  In the last month leading up to the race, the length changed from 10, to 11 to finally 12 miles and after speaking with some of the Saturday participants who had worn GPS watches, we learned that the course was really closer to 13 miles.  13.2 to be exact, more than a Half Marathon!  In all that time the elevation numbers remained the same, 2000′.

So I figured sweet!  All of the uphill is out of the way, all downhill from here…

Boy was I wrong.

I wish I’d had my fitbit at the time, it would have been really cool to see how many steps this would have counted for!

So after Everest, we hit a whole bunch of obstacles back to back:

First came Funky Monkey


Now if you’re like me and you haven’t tried the monkey bars in a few decades, it was not just like riding a bike.  Not even close.  And even if the bars didn’t spin and weren’t slick with mud, I doubt I would have made it the whole way across.  It was really impressive to watch the people that did though.  And they made it look so easy too…Image

After the Funky Monkey came a rope climb, not sure what it was called, and it is no longer on the TM website…

But it basically entailed the gym activity we all remember of climbing the rope.  Fortunately team work came into play on this one too and if you had someone hold the bottom of the rope steady for you, the climb was a whole lot easier to complete.


This one was actually pretty fun, and allowed me to pretend I had some amazing upper body strength!  lol


Then we hit Log Jamming

This was definitely one of the tamer obstacles on the course, which was nice because, shortly after completing this obstacle, we started to climb again.  Imagine my surprise, considering by my calculations we had easily surpassed our 2000′ feet a few hundred feet ago.


To be continued yet again…


Have any great TM stories to share?  Post a comment below!  🙂


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