Tough Mudder Part 1

Alright kids here it is as promised, the recap of my Tough Mudder experience.  Granted this was back in 2011 when Tough Mudder and I were both a lot younger, but most Mudders still agree that TM Norcal 2011 which was held at Squaw Valley is still one of the hardest and most epic TMs ever.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t signed up again?  I feel like this one would be really hard to top.  Although, there arequite a few obstacles that I haven’t tackled yet, so maybe one of these days I’ll put my on my Mudder tights again…

This will have to be split into several installments because there is just so much ground to cover, and so many awesome pics to share.  But first, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 4 years and don’t know what Tough Mudder is, here you go:

The best part of my Tough Mudder experience was by far, my awesome team.  And really, team is an understatement, we were really more of an army.  We ended up recruiting a total of 23 people onto our team, which we decided to call the Technovikings.  Not sure why we went with that as our team name, but here is a video of the actual Technoviking:

We had the perfect Tough Mudder team, a group of near strangers connected by our shared desire to get muddy while tackling fun obstacles.  Here we are all clean and shiny waiting for our turn to start.



From there the course jumped right into obstacle number 1, the death march.  The starting line for this TM was at Squaw Valley’s basecamp with an elevation of about 6200 feet.  And we quickly started our way up the mountain heading for Highcamp and it’s elevation of 8200 feet.  Now most of your run of the mill Tough Mudder events encompass about 2000 feet of elevation gain over the entire course, we eclipsed that within the first 3 miles.  Image

About halfway through the Death March, we encountered Kiss of Mudd which unfortunately I have no pictures of, but consisted of a nice cool swim (and by swim I mean shallow crawl) in some lovely brown water while trying to avoid catching your hair and clothing on the barbed wire strung just inches above the surface of the water.

We hadn’t even reached the top of the death march yet when we passed a sign that said “If this was the spartan race, we’d be done already”.  Hard to believe we were only on obstacle #2 at that point.

To Be Continued…


If you’re contemplating your own TM experience, or would like to swap stories post a comment!  🙂



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