Weakened Warriors: Installment 6

Well it has been a while since my last Weakened Warriors post.  In that time 3 games have come and gone, and our cold streak continues.  I was not able to play in games 3 and 4 due to other plans and illness and apparently they were pretty good games to miss.  Or at least game 3 was.  The other team in that case was clearly not new to the Slow Pitch Softball league.  Even the girls on the team were consistently hitting to the fence and their guys were so good at placing their hits that our poor right fielders couldn’t keep up.  It was a tough game and the ump ended up having to institute the 10 run rule after just the 5th inning.  The final score was 25 to 6 and it was a pretty demoralizing loss.


The following week we had another close game, against a team called the Back Door Sliders.   And we might have even managed to win that one, but we were short a few players.  I was trying to get over a sinus infection and several of my teammates had other plans the result of which was we ended up playing with just 9 players, and not all of our best ones at that.  Even so, this was a much closer game than the previous week and we only managed to lose by two runs.  Just imagine what the result could have been if we’d had our A-Team.  I’m sure we’ll be looking forward to trying our luck against this team again in a few weeks.

Now finally, to this week’s game at Shadow Mountain Sports Complex:

This week we squared off against a team by the name of “Holes and Poles”.  I was really excited to play this week because I got to play catcher.  This really helped me to feel like a  real, contributing part of the team and counteract the disappointment of still not being able to hit the ball.   Our opponents were another obviously experienced team, and we were sorely out matched again this week with the Holes and Poles starting off their first at bat with 9 runs.  We then took our first at bat and managed a whopping 0 runs.  It was not looking very good.  This streak continued with Holes and Poles scoring another 8 runs in the next 3 innings to our, yep you guessed it, 0 runs.

I did manage to have one shining moment of glory where I actually caught a foul ball and provided my team with a very critical out.  (This team was so good, every out mattered).  So that was very exciting for me.  I still managed to strike out both of my times at bat, but at least this game that was limited to 2 instead of my usual 4 strike outs because the other team played so well.  Even though we got annihilated, it was a lot of fun.  The Holes and Poles were a really fun team with a great attitude and sense of humor, and they even let us get in a few runs at the end so we wouldn’t have to live with a shut out.  Add to that the spectacular weather and you had a pretty great evening of softball all told.



Next week we don’t have any games due to the Holiday Weekend, but stay tuned for our next game on May 30th!




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