Workout Wednesday

This week I decided to try my first attempt at a videoblog (due to some technical difficulties, the video has been taken down temporarily and will be back up again shortly).  It turned out fantastically mediocre, so in case you don’t feel like watching it, here’s a quick summary of the content.  For this week I was feeling a little stuck in a rut so I did what I like to do when I need to break up the old routine.  I found a park with a fitness trail (or in this case a fitness area) and combined that with my run.

For this occasion I selected Virginia Lake Park near Downtown Reno.  The nice thing about Virginia Lake Park, apart from the nice scenery is that the loop around the lake is almost exactly 1 mile in length making it a great place if you’re training for a race and want to run a specific number of miles.  Just pick the number of laps and off you go.


The fitness area features a guide complete with 3 series of exercises and a series of stretches.  I ran a couple of loops around the lake then decided to try my skills at the exercises.  If you need a good laugh, definitely check out the video and see for yourself how silly and uncoordinated some basic excersizes can make you feel, but it definitely helped to shake the burnout blues.

So I hope you liked my video, please comment with any suggestions you have for how I can make my future video blogs better.  🙂


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