Workout Wednesday

For me Wednesdays are the hardest to squeeze in a workout. It seems like I’m always busy when hump day rolls around and usually Wednesdays end up as my slack off day. But I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and I figured I could use some inspiration. So I scoured the web for some good (free) workout sites to provide me with some ideas and keep me motivated. So here’s what I found:


Fitness Blender:

This is a really cool site that offers customized workouts by training type, body focus, difficulty, minutes or calorie burn.

This site offers a workout of the day, or all kinds of different challenges from 5 days to one month, for anything from a total body makeover to a fast fat burn.

Here’s a preview:

Here you can choose from single exercises if you want to build your own circuit, or full workouts. They also a workout generator tool and a workout log.


Here you can choose from a list of personalized programs or view all workouts. They have options for using resistance bands, balance balls, circuit training, beginners, at home workouts and more. You do have to register for your free account to be able to access the workouts.

Now, no more excuses.   Go get your workout on!  🙂


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