Odyssey Update!!

We’re at just under two months until Reno Tahoe Odyssey time, and there are some changes to report!  There have been a couple of course changes that impact not only specific leg details for legs 8,9,25-28, 32 and 33; but this also changes the runner rankings as well.  Here’s a breakdown of the changes:


Also the new leg maps for all but 32, and 33 can be found here.  I’ll keep you posted on legs 32 and 33 when they make it back to the main Odyssey website.

As runner 8 for my team, these changes have a big impact on my personal race with two of my legs changing this year.  My mileage is dropping and I’ll now be ranked #8 instead of #6 in difficulty, but I’ve checked out the changes to my legs and I’m not too disappointed.

My favorite leg is my middle leg (and it remains unchanged), #20 because it is straight downhill:

As most of you know by now, downhill running is my favorite, and this leg is right up my alley.  I know a lot of people would find the idea of 4+ miles of steep downhill to be a painful and grueling experience, but for me, it’s heaven.

But even as someone who loves running downhill, it is important to train properly.

“Here is another tip from EFAST, the official fitness partner of Race178:

The RTO is full of challenging climbs, and we all know the old saying, “what goes up, must come down.” An often overlooked aspect of the Odyssey is downhill running.

When running downhill, use gravity to your advantage! Lean forward from your ankles. When most people run downhill, they often lean backwards, which slows their momentum. By leaning forward, you make gravity your friend.

A note of caution: downhill running increases the pounding on your body, and it can be a dangerous, eccentric (creates tension on your muscles as they stretch) movement. Thus, be aware of injury and practice downhill running conservatively (never over-do it with volume), so that you are ready for the event.”   source 


So to all of my fellow Odyssey-ers out there, good luck with your training and I look forward to seeing you out on the course next month!  Hit me up with a comment if you’ll be running, I’d love to talk shop!


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