Weakened Warriors: Installment 1

I’ve been looking for some different ways to cross train lately, so when the opportunity came up to join my work softball team the “weakened warriors” came up I was all over it. 

Although I haven’t played in decades (literally, see pic below) and figured it would entail a whole new level of humiliation due to my severe lack of skill, all of my co-workers who were planning to play are really cool fun people, so I figured it would be worth the blow to my ego. 


I missed our first practice last weekend because I was in Napa practicing my wine drinking skills, so I was especially concerned that everyone else would be ever farther out of my league when I made it to our second practice yesterday. 

Good thing for me most of the other people on the team haven’t exactly been honing their skills for the past few years either, so I wasn’t the abysmal failure that I was expecting to be.  Oh we have a few good people, don’t get me wrong.  Like my boss Doug who’s been playing various sports off and on for his whole life, or my co-worker David who is seriously one of the most athletic people I know.  In fact, every weekend David seems to be doing a different sport, everything from Golfing, to Snowboarding to  Surfing. 

The good news for me, and the majority of our skill-challenged team, is that Doug signed us up for one of the easy leagues, and the bottom of that even.  So we’ll most likely be taking on other teams where the number of errors will outpace the number of hits. 

And considering that I hadn’t played in years and years and even missed the previous practice, things went fairly well for me last night.  Apart from one little thing…

I throw like a girl.

A 10 year-old girl. 

A ten year-old girl with zero upper body strength.

I managed to catch most of the balls that came my way (even given the fact that I was paralyzed with fear if they were coming fast or from far.  And to my complete shock, I even managed to hit most of the pitches that came my way during batting practice.

But I could not throw the ball TO SAVE MY LIFE!  So I guess I know what I’ll be working on at our next few practice sessions, lol. 

I’m also surprised how sore I am today.  I feel like I spent the majority of my time last night just standing around in the outfield freezing my butt-off, but today I can hardly move my arms.  Time to get back into shape again I guess. 

Do you have any throwing tips you’d be willing to share with me?   If so, please post a comment.  In fact, any softball, or running tips of any kind would be much appreciated.  


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