The benefits of having a reliable stalker


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No, no, no silly.  Not that type of stalker…

Now that we’re preparing to spring forward our days will be longer, making it easier for me to squeeze in my runs after work but before this weekend, I’d been finding myself running a lot after dark.  And because I conveniently happen to like running in my parent’s neighborhood (as I mentioned in my last post it’s nice and hilly whereas mine is really flat and boring), and because my parents are awesome, I often have company while I’m out running.  The “stalker” in this case is either my mom or dad following closely behind me as I make my way along lit up with all of my cool night running gear.


So why wouldn’t I just run with a friend?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the past, I haven’t had a lot of luck running with other people.  I’m usually too slow and I like being able to set my own pace and take breaks when I need to.  And every time I’ve tried running with someone else I spend the whole time hating them for making it look so easy, and beating up on myself for not being a better runner.  And I also have a crazy schedule right now working full time (really more like 50 hours a week) and going to school full-time for my MBA, it’s nearly impossible to find a time that works.

I know, now you’re probably still thinking, having my parents “stalk” me is a little crazy, and yes it probably is, but then again I am a woman running alone at night through a pretty dark and quiet neighborhood, so for the most part, I’m glad to have someone looking out for me. 

Lucky for me, and like I said, by parents are awesome.  Usually I just have one stalker, most of the time it is my mom, and occasionally it will be my dad.  Depending on how energetic they’re feeling they will either ride a bike behind me, or in the cases of my later-evening runs, they will follow me in their car. 

The following me in the car really makes me laugh, because I can only imagine that anyone who might happen to see me out running will think (if they’re paying any kind of attention at all) that I have a real legitimate stalker following me.  I’m just waiting for the day that someone decides to call the cops. 

Now that daylight savings time is starting again, my stalkers will likely be able to take a hiatus as well, but for those of you like me that like to run alone but still want to have the safety benefits of running with a friend, I suggest you find and enlist a “stalker” of your own!  


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