Running in The Dark

Lately because of Day Light Savings Time and my own crazy schedule I have found myself doing a lot of running after dark.   As a fairly safety conscious individual, I have taken a few precautions to make sure that: a: I don’t get hit by a car, and b: I don’t run into or step on anything in the dark.  Because of these precautions I often find myself feeling a little bit like that scene in “Spies Like Us” where Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase pretend to be aliens.


Photo source:

If you’re not familiar with that particular gem of a movie (and one of my personal favorites by the way) here is a link to the trailer.

Whenever I run at night I end up wearing so much reflective gear that I think I actually become a hazard to drivers.  Between my headlamp and flashing vest, and all of the other reflectors on my various articles of running apparel, I become pretty blinding whenever anyone’s headlights hit me.  Sometimes I even wonder if all of this doesn’t have the opposite effect of the one I’m intending in that you tend to drive wherever you’re actively looking, and you can’t help but look at me.

I mean, imagine you’re driving along and all of a sudden you see one of these guys in the picture above, could you look away?  I think not.  And you’d probably be lucky not to end up crashing your car as a result.  But I think it is still better than taking a chance on not getting seen at all.

The more I run at night the more I find I’m starting to prefer it to running during the day.  It’s cool (and I hate running when it’s hot out), I don’t have to worry about sunburn, I also pretty much get to have the roads all to myself.  And the best part is, it’s even easier to find yourself in that Zen focused state that I mentioned in my first blog post.

I even found an article today from Runner’s World online with some suggestions for the best gear options for us nocturnal runners out there. Here’s the link: 

So if you’ve never tried it, I invite you to give night running shot.  Just make sure you select a safe neighborhood or bring a friend and put on plenty of reflective stuff to make sure drivers can see you.  #unrbrand


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