My (obsessive?) quest for world fitbit domination

As you’ll know if you read my last blog post, today I was supposed to run my first race of the year, the Austin Half Marathon; but I ended up deferring to next year due to injury. I’m sad to have missed out on the race for a lot of reasons, but I think the biggest disappointment for me has been to lose the 25,000+ steps I would have registered on my fitbit today as a result.

I initially decided to get a fitbit one wireless activity and sleep tracker, because I end up walking a lot from meeting to meeting at work, and I had been finding myself wondering lately what my step count might be just out of sheer curiosity. At just around $100 dollars the fitbit one is definitely not what I would consider inexpensive, but at the same time when compared to fancier GPS options it has a lot of the features I was looking for at a much more reasonable price.

After signing up at and creating an account, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that some of my more active acquaintances already had fitbits, and that they could be added to my account as my “friends” allowing me to measure myself against them and not just the arbitrary goals that the fitbit defaults to.

I was also surprised how motivating it was to see that on most of my work days I was easily able to clear 10,000 steps without even trying. Lately, as I have been unable to actually run because of my injury, it has begun to grow into an obsession. And this obsession is catching…

I have now managed to convert my boss and several of my co-workers to fitbit addicts, and my average number of steps per day has continued to grow as a result. For the past several weeks I have consistently averaged around 16,000 steps per day and recently I even managed to get over 20,000 steps each day for one entire week.

At this point in my obsession, I pretty much have this fitbit thing down to a science, so I know the 13.1 miles from the Half Marathon would have earned me at least 26,000 steps setting me up pretty nicely to not only break my current all –time step record, but also net me the 30,000 steps badge for today. Instead, I have a downright pitiful 5,251 steps as I write this post.
Rather than letting this disappointment turn into a setback, it just provides me with the motivation I need to get even more steps tomorrow and make up for my less than stellar performance today.

If you’re a fitbit addict like me, please comment on my blog or message me so that I can add you to my growing contingent of motivators. And if you’re not already using an activity tracker there are also options by Nike, Jawbone, Spark and many others to choose from, I encourage you to check them out today.


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