The Running Gamble

So this year has gotten off to a bit of a bumpy start for me.  I have been battling some rather merciless tendonitis in my right foot and it has kept me from being able to run at all until just this week.  Considering that, I was not exactly expecting to get a PR on my first race of the year, a half marathon scheduled for this Sunday in Austin Texas.  But I was flying to Austin Texas to visit a friend and we were going to run this one together, so I was determined to push through the pain and run it anyway. 

This would have been the second time I’ve run this particular race, and I was really looking forward to it for a bunch of reasons.  The course is really hilly and challenging, but the substantial decrease in elevation from my native Reno, NV makes it bearable.   There is also great entertainment all along the course as the residents of this cultural mecca like to come out in force to showcase their musical talents.  In addition to all that, last time I ran this race they gave out the best swag I’ve ever had.  The finisher shirt is still one of my favorites 3 years after the fact, and the finisher medal is by far the coolest one in my collection.

So I was not only looking forward to this race, but downright determined to finish; so I could get another awesome t-shirt and medal.  Well, it turned out that my friend that was planning to run with me also ended up with an injury (a first for both of us), so we made the completely uncharacteristic decision that it would be better not to run and potentially set ourselves back even further.

The nice thing is, although many races will not allow you to transfer your registration to anyone else and there are no refunds regardless of the circumstances, the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon offers its runners the opportunity to defer their race entry to the following year.  It’s not free, but at a cost of $65, it’s still better than losing your entry fee altogether and then paying full price for next year as well.

So this year I’ve hit another first, in the Immortal Words of Kenny Rogers, I’ve learned the wisdom of “know when to walk away and know when to run.”

If you would like to hear more about the Austin Marathon (one of my favorite races) you can visit the official site at and please post a comment here to share your favorite race with me!


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