Running Backwards: How not to succeed at running without really trying.

My goal in writing this blog is to share the story of a decade- long and incredibly tortuous relationship.  The relationship between me and distance running.

So I should probably start by telling you a little bit about myself.

First, an important disclaimer: I am a terrible runner

I am snail-slow, and every minute I spend “running” is pretty much like torture.  Although I have decent athletic abilities when it comes to any other sport or activity, running has always been my arch-nemesis.   I have heard many times throughout the years that running is a mental game, and it is a game that I have repeatedly lost every time I’ve tried.

So why run then?

Well, besides the fact that I love a good challenge, running brings me rare and elusive moments of absolute clarity that I have never otherwise been able to achieve.  During these moments, I’m actually able to forget that I’m running (a Christmas miracle in and of itself), and I’m able to work through any problems I have with a precision and focus that defies reason.

This, more than anything else is what keeps me going, continuing to strive for improvement in what now seems to be an almost Sisyphean task.   Over the years I have tried everything that I could think of that might motivate me to become a better runner, ranging from typical to crazy (don’t worry, I tell you all about the crazy stuff), all to no avail.

First I started where most of you probably did by trying to run with some of my friends that are runners.  Well, needless to say, that didn’t exactly work out too well for me.  My average pace is similar to that of a dying sloth and my lungs rather uncooperatively tend to let me down pretty often as well.  So whenever I’ve tried to run with someone else, they usually end up running circles around me, or running out and back, all while easily maintaining a conversation and barely even breaking a sweat.   Without exception they end up making this whole running thing seem so easy, and I wind up telling them to leave me in the gutter to die in peace.

That was just the first of a very long list of things that haven’t worked for me.  But don’t worry, I’m not here to whine, my goal is to share through this blog pretty much anything and everything I can think of that might possibly be of value to other abysmal but resolute runners out there like me.  I plan to entertain you with my crazy antics and anecdotes, and most importantly, my moments of success and enlightenment.

I have decided that this will finally be the year that I become the runner I’ve always wanted to be, and ideally, help you do the same.


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